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I/S/O AMANDA KAY RIDGEWAY 01/24/1986 I am searching for my daughter she was born Jan 24/1986 in St. Mary's hospital grand junction Colorado mesa county please I miss her so much

Birth date: 10-9-69 Birth Place: Oak Lawn Illinois Cook County Birth Mothers Age At Birth: poss. 16 Adopted Name: Michael John Heaton Place of Adoption: Bensenville Illinois

I am a birthmother in search of my son. Birthdate: 02/08/1977 Birthname: Jesse Lee Brown Birthplace: Fort Oglethorpe Ga. Hutcheson Memorial Hospital (formerly Tri-County) The adoption was handled through Social Services in Centre, Al. He was relinquished at about 6 mos. He had a brain hemmorage before he was 1 year old Please contact me at or I will never stop looking!!

Trying to find my brother given up for adoption at the end of 68 or beginning of 69. He was born at Community Memorial Hospital, Toms River New Jersey. It was very private, the delivering doctor may have given the baby to a friend of his a Dr. Massamino or Dr. Nikals. Thank You, Laurie

I am an adoptee searching for any member of my birth family. I am a female born on August 16th, 1982 in San Antonio, TX. I was adopted out of the San Antonio Methodist Mission Home. I have very little info about my birth family, and have been searching since I was 18. I am happy to even just be able to get the medical info. I am willing to take anything anyone is willing to give.

I am searching for a daughter born 7/2/63 at Albert Einstein Northern. It was told to me she was adopted into a Jewish family with an already adopted son.

Looking for my birth son born November 6, 1981 in Shreveport, LA through Volunteers of America, Born at Schumpert Medical Center

My name is Aura and I am ISO my Birthmom. I was born in Great Falls, Mt on 6-13-1972 at the Deaconess Hospital. I believe her name to be Virginia Warren and she was 19 at the time of my birth and also from Montana. I think my given name was baby girl andrene/warren. I want to thank her for a wonderful life with great parents, meeting is up to her as I do not want to cause her any problems but I do need any current medical info she has.

My full name is Alicia Carol Isley Swofford and I was born on July 11, 1964 in Duplin General Hospital located in Kenansville, North Carolina. I was adopted at the age of six weeks (September 1964) from a home run by an older couple. My adoptive parents (my adoptive father is now deceased) raised me in Guilford County, NC. At the time of my birth I weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and I now have auburn hair and brown eyes. My birth mother was 24 years old (approximately 1940) at the time of my birth. She is 5 ft 6 inches tall and has auburn hair and brown eyes - I wonder if I look a lot like her. She is/was the sister of a mentally challenged brother and an alcoholic father who had blood clots in his legs. My birth father was 26 years old (approximately 1938) at the time of my birth. He is 6 feet tall and has red hair and hazel eyes. I must've been the runt of the family since I am only 5 feet 1 inch tall and my birth parents were taller than that. Due to Duplin County's close proximity to several large military bases near the coast of North Carolina I wonder if they were even from the area where I was born or if my birth father was stationed nearby in the military. I have had a lot of health problems recently and any information I can find would be helpful. My email address is

Looking for adopted daughter born on or about July 7, 1987 in Moline, Illinois Please reply to Email address above

Baby girl born September 1, 1959 in Tucson Arizona. I am an adoptee who is looking for any relatives or anyone who may know something that could help. My biological mother was born on December 10,1944 please reply to or

Birth mother looking for her daughter. The baby girl was born on Feb. 13, 1978 in Urbana,Illinois and placed for adoption immediately. I am looking for any relatives or anyone who may know something that could help. please reply to or

Please inclued my search: I am searching for my brother, he was born, John Peter Hatcher on 1/?/1951 at St. Josephs Maternity Hospital in Scranton PA. Phyllis June Hatcher was our birthmothers name. Johns name was changed at adoption, He was adopted at 3 months of age to a family in New York. He was adopted into a family with many aunts and uncles. He may have brown hair and eyes.

I am searching for my son who I placed for adoption in 1972. Here is the info: Birth Name-John Anderson, Birth Mom-Gwynneth Anderson, Date of birth-April 27 1972, Place-Cambridge Ontario, Hospital-South Waterloo Memorial Hospital now know as Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Final Adoption signed....January 9th 1973

I am the adoptee and I am looking for my birth mother. I was born 12/27/1961 in Austin, TX USA. My birth name was Darla Kay Little. I was born in Seton Hospital I was placed through Child and Family Services. My birth mother went through the Home of Holy Infancy and she was 20 years old when she had me. My birth father was 18 and doesn't know that I exist. My birth mother was 5 ft 9 inches tall, with auburn hair, medium complexion, and brown eyes. My birth father was 6ft 1 inches tall, blonde and fair complexion. They were both in Jr. College together when they met. My adopted parents were O.L. Hunt, Jr. and Melba Crumley Hunt. The final adoption was November 14, 1962 in Travis County 98th Judicial District Court.

I am looking for my husbands brithfamily. Most of our info is suspect but is as follows: Adoptive name: Bradley Scott Markman DOB? 10/4/1963 Hospital: MT Sinai, Miami Florida? Attorney: Donald Rosenberg? Adoptive parents were an affluent Jewish couple. Asoptive parents: Lawrence and Judy (Steinberg) Markman They adopted another child from a different family approximately six months after they adopted my husband. We have four beautiful children who would love to share thier love with any and all family members. Please contact me at with any info. thanks

Born Joseph Allen Milligan on January 11, 1980 at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital in Yakima, Washinton.  His birthmother is Kimberly Wright or Kimberly Nichoas.  She was born Feb. 18, 1964.  Birthfather is Frank Milligan, born 1959, last known to be in the Yakima State Pen.  If have any information PLEASE contact me at

I was  born on 4/ 13/55 in Nampa Idaho.
My last name at birth may have been Bates.
On Dec. 28, 2003 a woman by the name of Lisa Johnson
posted matching info. on another site.  Unfortunately she
did not leave contact info.  Lisa if you see this posting please
leave contact info. and or go back to the site you registered on
in Dec.  Ask for Jennifer and she will let you know how to contact me.

I was born in Gastonia, NC on 07/31/68. I weighed 7 lbs 4 ozs, 20 1/2" long and I was born at 11:01PM. My BM was 24, 5' 2" tall, 98lbs, strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. BF was 21, 5' 7" tall, 140 lbs, light brown hair and blue eyes. BM had previous child on 01/62 which remained with his father when they divorced. She also had a daughter in 11/70 which had "orthopedic needs". BF was someone she lived with after separating with husband. BM was one of 9 children (3 full siblings) and her father was killed in a train wreck at age 30. I can be reached at


Hi adoptee ISO birth family born 10.35 on the 12/26/1957 Herman hospital Houston Texas file number 281117 filed on the 28 December decree date 06/17/1958 the judge was frank Sullivan thank you:)

Hi, my name is Christine. I am in search of my brother, born March 8, 1968 at Booth Memorial Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX. My mothers name is Cherry Ruth Russell, and she was residing in an unwed mothers home in Wichita Falls, or somewhere close by.

My name is Jennifer, I'm looking for two younger siblings that do not know I exist. We share a birth mother, Carolyn (Carol) Ann Tutor dob 11-18-48 CA. Rebecca Lynn Hannon (possibly Tutor @ birth) dob 11-22-68, and William Layton Hannon (also possibly Tutor @ birth) dob 12-30-70 . Father is Ronald ? Hannon of Houston TX. born 1943?? Both siblings were born in Houston. TX. Ronald was in the U.S. Army in Virginia for a time in the 1960's, before moving back to Houston. Both siblings were left with their father sometime after 1971. Ronald married later. I too was left with my birth father, Steven Hogan Sr. before I was adopted out to my paternal Grandparents sometime in 1968? in Ventura County, or Santa Barbara County, Ca.. I have reunited w/ b-mom (May 2004). I have important medical information to pass on. I hope it's not too late. It was for me! Please, if you know these ppl, help them find me. Contact info: I live in Goddard Kansas, last name is Thill. Thank you.

I am searching for my birthmother or father, or any relative. I was born in Dubuque Iowa on July 30, 1971. My mothers name was Lynn Marie Lamb, and my name was Angela Marie Lamb. My mother was only 14 or 15 at the time of my birth. I think she may have been in a foster home or home for pregnant girls, but not sure. I was born at Finley hospital in Dubuque and my adoption was handled through Hillcrest Family Services. My mother was French, German, and Indian. My father was Mexican, and a Musician. I do not know his name. I would really like to know my natural family and am anxious to find them.I was born in Dubuque Iowa on July 30 1971. My mothers name was Lynn Marie Lamb, I believe. She was only 14 or 15 at the time of my birth. She was a student and in a home of some type. She was medium height and weight and dark hair and eyes. She was French, German and Indian. My father was 19 and a musician. His name was unknown. He was medium height and weight and black hair and dark eyes. He was Mexican. If anyone has any information please contact me.

My name is Gwynneth Lindhorst (Anderson). I am ISO my son who was born April 27 1972 at South Waterloo Memorial Hospital now known as Cambridge Memorial Hospital. in Cambridge (Galt) Ontario. His birth name is John Anderson. Final adoption papers were signed on January 9th 1973. by Judge D.S. Charleton.

iso birthfamily. Mary C Adelman ( Fleezer ) now dob 2-13-1970 Napoleon, ohio 6:40 pm female S. M. Hellar Memorial Hospital DR. R.J. Manahan mother was 17, 3rd of 3 children, brother 18 , sister was 20, sister gave up a baby the year before. A search angel told me I was born baby Dominique which would have been the mothers lastname. Bio father was 22 but never told. . I am a birthmother looking for my Son DOB:10/03/1981 South Bend, Indiana.

I am an adoptee female searching for my birth family. I was born on July 12, 1966 in Chester, PA. I was named baby girl Moore until the adoption. Dale Betty was the attorney in Delaware county courts, PA on 3/9/67. This is all the information I have now.

born OCT 1971 in Buffalo NY. He was adopted through the LUTHERAN SERVICE
SOCIETY at birth. I was 17, in high school. I was told that the couple
who adopted my son had a 5 year old girl and they had family in the

11-14-1962 NEW JERSEY
I was born in Hunterdon Co andadpted in Essex County. The adoption was
done through the Childrns Aid and Adoption Society in East Orange, NJ. I
was given 3 places of birth LAMBERTVILLE, RARITAN TWP, and HUNTERDON
MEDICAL CENTER. I would like medical and family history. If any birth
family members are willing to meet I would like that also.

My name is Susan Dobie.  I am a bmom iso my birthchild born in September 1967.  The hospital was Florida Sanitarium now known as just Florida Hospital, located in Orlando, Florida.  The doctor was Thornton Beckner.  I was 16 years old at the time and a student at Winter Park High School.  I now live in California.  I will answer any and all inquiries...remember in Florida it is legal to alter some information on birth certificates and they have recently changed the law allowing birthparents the right to nonid information making it ever so much harder for us.
"It's safer to search by the internet...would the media for posting...searching have volume...we would deafen the universe with our cry...FIND ME..."  susan  a quote from a poem I wrote.

Female adoptee, born 12-09-1945 in Denver, Colorado.I received my final adoption decree two weeks ago.On it was my birth name. Jenifer Jo Boyer.Also I was told I was in a home for neglected & abused children three mos before my adoption.I was adopted thru Catholic Charities.My adopted name was Mary Louise Proctor.I have some non-id info I received from CC.B-mom was 20 yrs old at the time of my birth.Prior to her pregnancy she had been a switchboard operator & lived at home with her mother.B-father was 24 had a honorable discharge from the military.He was a sergeant.Both b-parents had a high school education. B-father had offered to marry b-mom. She was not willing.I am looking for b-parents or any b-family. Such as siblings or any other member.I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am searching for my birth family. I was born in Hartford Connecticut
5/31/1952. I was at Childrens Services of Connecticut and was adopted in
1953. My birth name was Deborah Jane Mitchell. My mother had several younger
brothers and sisters, including a set of twin sisters.

I am also searching for my twins, who I gave up for adoption in 1987. They
were born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego on 7/24/85. Their birth names
were Jerica and Jesse. Their adopted names are David and Amy. They were
adopted through Rainbow House Intyernational in New Mexico by Kitty and Ken.

I would love contact with any and all of these people. Thank you for your

I'm looking for my sister and brother Female 12/14/68 and male 12/04/69 They were given up the year I was born 1975 I think and the Lake county welfare dept. hadled the case. Please if you have any info E-mail me

Natural mother, Lucille Leroux (Laplante) searching for b/daughter, (birth
name) Laura Lyne Leroux.
Birth took place in Ottawa Ontario, at the General or Civic hospital. Adoption
was handled by CAS in Cornwall Ontario.
Birth date is 1965 September and I believe the 21st.

I'm searching for my husbands birth family, he was born April 18 1965 New Jersey and adopted thru division of youth and family services in Morristown NJ. was put in adopted home with the name Michael Anthony Roth. Any information contact me

I am searching for a sister and brother that may have been adopted together in 1980 in Ma. their birthdates are 09-26-78 and 04-07-80. Mass DSS handled the adoptions My sister had been in foster care for about two years,before the adoption took place The foster home was on Summer St. in Rockland ,Ma. My brother was in foster care in a home in Brockton,Ma. They were both born in Brockton city hospital.Their birth last name was Spear.

I am an adoptee seeking my birthmom. Was born 5-29-73 in Winston Salem,
NC and adopted a few months later in San Antonio TX. My bmom may have
worked in a factory in Winston Salem at the time.

BM ISO son born 3/25/85 Jeffery Kyle Childers at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Tallahassee, Florida. Mothers maiden name was Conrad.

I am Searching for any family and/or siblings. Just got non-identifying info on my birth family from California DHS, where I was adopted. Mom was from Nebraska. She had 7 kids! Adopted out 4 and kept 3. Mom was born in 1930, had kids in 1946girl, 1955girl, 1953boy, 1950girl, 1958girl, 1961boy, and me, in 1960boy. The later 4 are the ones adopted out.
Grew up an only child, so this is very exciting for me. Mom got around, she was in Caly when she had me. Mom had no siblings and was employed as a factory worker. I have 4 half sisters and 2 half brothers.
Ages now approx: sister-57, sister-48,  brother-50, (raised by mom)
Adoptees ages now approx: sister-53,  sister-45,  brother-42 (adopted out)
Me, I'm 43, Mom was in California for awhile.
Mom is 5'6" tall, weighed 140lbs, had curly dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and an olive complexion. She also had "bad teeth".
Sure would enjoy meeting a relative!
Someone has to remember this scattered Family.

my older maternal half-sister
Born baby girl Miller, May 2, 1960 Detroit, Michigan

Birth mother's name Mary Louise (Miller, maiden) born Sept 3, 1933

Our maternal grandfather died from a stroke in 1951

I have recently found my birth father's side of my family.

I was born Nov 26, 1968 in San Antonio, TX and adopted by a very loving, caring family. All I want to do is to find my older half sister. There might be more after me though. Our birth mother has or had 3: Paul, Myron and Harvey brothers and a sister, Wanda. Our maternal grandmother's name was Lyda Mary Miller.

 my personal e-mail is

Am looking for my birth daughter born 9/19/76 at St. Francis Catholic Hospital at about 1:00 pm.  Would love to find her.

I am looking for my birth mother. I was born on 7/31/69 in Huntington, WV at Cabell Huntington hospital. I am female and  it was an arranged adoption. An anestesiologist bill  was accidently sent to my adoptive parents and the patient's name was Patricia Ann Hunt.Looking for any information  

Baby Girl born October 2, 1975. In Arizona. Adopted out at age of 1 or 2. It was an adoption through Child Protective Services. I believe I was adopted out of Tucson.
Seeking any family member willing to reunite. I think my name was Marie Frances?

I was born 3/12/46  My name was supposedly Donna Fay Eisenberg.
I was born in Rankin County Mississippi.
The adoption was handled by Georgia Tann and Louise Wise Agency in NYC.
Looking for anyone who can help. Not looking for anything but family.
Joan W
Ft Lauderdale, FL

I'd really like to be included in the registry.  I'm looking for a male
child born on or around 05/01/71 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

I am searching for a birthson DOB 1-27-1985.West Penn Hospital,Pittsburgh, PA (10:49 am). My name at time of adoption was Teresa Carson. I went through Catholic Charities but I think the AParents went through Childrens Aid Society. Desperatley seeking reunion.

I am looking for my birth daughter born March 1969 in Boise, Idaho. I was 16 years old at the time and the BF was 18 and going to college. I stayed at Booth Maternity home for unwed mothers and gave birth at either St Lukes or St Alphonsus hospital in Boise.

My name is Gail Smith Mitchell and I have a daughter born at Fulton County Hospital in Atlanta Ga. 4/28/71. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS INFORMATION CONTACT ME THRU MY E-MAIL (  I have just learned I have six months to live and would love to see my child. Baby Girl Smith. It was a private adoption and was handled by an attorney in Hapeville, Ga.  THANK YOU and GOD BLess  

I am a Female adoptee, born Oct 17, 1968 (premature birth) in Erie, PA.   Dr. Vitanza and pvt atty handled adoption. I am in need of any medical information.

My name is Sonya Lynn Amburgey. I was born on February 22, 1974 at 7:11pm in Naples Community Hospital, Naples, Florida. My adoption was handles privately through the attorneys of the birth mother's family & the adoptive parents. My birth mother, I have been told, was just 16 years of age at the time of my birth

I am a birth mom looking for son born 9/5/65, in new york city, manhatten birth name raymond patrick walsh. Family services of westchester handled adoption



Im born in Syracuse on 08/16/1965. My birth certificate registration#4819,
Dist.#3301. My birthname: Thomas Edward Miller. My last mother last name was iller, she had 18 years old when I born, her father died before 1965 of a
heart attack, she had 1 sibling. The adoption was handled by Onondaga County epartment of Social Services. My birthmother had dark brown hair, brown yes, your weight 110 lbs, your height 5'3", education 12, and she was a
student and office work at time of birth..My weighed b7lbs 1/2 oz at birth.
And she born in 1947/48.My order of adoption finalized 11/30/1967, the Lawyer as Angelo Pettrone; Juzge: Peter P. Kolakowski. My adoption was handled of nondaga County of Social Services, Family Court of the New York. The letters rom the Court and Welfare was signed for: Dorothy Maceri and Alene Stevenson . My adopted mother baptized me, in St Ann's Church, 104 Academy St, anlius, on December 18, 1966.Before my adoption my adopted parents was a eachers of Military Manlius School. My adopted mother move with me to rgentina in January 7, 1968 and never come back to USA; (why?), my adopted other was a teacher of Military Manlius School for 10 years more, and move o Argentina in 1978, he visit us in Argentina, one or two times in a year. the names of my adopted parents is: Raquel Juana Faga and Guillermo Angel ulqueri. For more information visit:

My name is Vicky LuAnn Fischer and I am searching for my son. I gave him the name of Chad Allan Whitcomb at birth. It took place in Winona,MN at memorial hospital on January 30,1972. My name at that time was Vicki LuAnn Whitcomb.

 I would like to be added to your registry.  I am an adoptee, female, born November 16, 1959 in Wilmington, Delaware.  I have no information about birth family.

I am searching for three siblings given up in Lansing, Michigan in the 50's.  I have 2 of the birthdates.  The first one was born Rodger Lynn born in 1950 or early 1951.  The second was born wathetta mae her d.o.b. is 11/12/1951 she was born in San antonio, Tx.  The third was born James on 09/14/1952.  They were all given up together in Michigan.  I have a photo taken in 1953 of all three if needed.

I am helping a friend.
Male  Baby Boy  06-06-1962
St. Petersburg, Florida Pinealls County
Doctors Hospital  Time born 1:20 am
Private Adoption
Dr.Eugene Keig 
Birthmother born in 1937.
Oldest female sibling born in 1957.
possible name Charlotte
Middle sibling born in 1960.
Birthmother 5'3" 120lbs. light brown hair and blue eyes.

Hi, I'm a bmom searching for my bdaughter born 3/19/1960 in New York City at St. Clare's Hospital. Catholic Charities handled the adoption. Bdaughter named at birth: Debra Profanato.

I am a birthmother looking for twin boy and girl born March 9, 1969 in Jersey City, New Jersey.  They are of Asian-French descent.

I am the friend of Robert Charles Halvorson, DOB 11/1/59, Detroit Michigan. Adopted in California by Galen and Bev Halvorson in 1961 or 1962. Rob seeks any birthfamily connections. He is half native american, Anishinabe (aka Ojibway/Ojibwe/Chippewa) on birthfathers side, and irish on birthmother side. Rob is in a federal prison and can't conduct the search himself but has given me the right to post info and conduct the search for him. I can be contacted by email at, which is an addy reserved for adoption info relating to the search. Also cell phone: 612-327-0505. Rob grew up in California knowing he was adopted and made several searches before becoming incarcerated. He can be reached at: Robert Halvorson, #55715-097, PO Box 26030, United States Penitentiary, Beaumont, TX 77720. You must include the ID# on any mail to him. I am sure he would enjoy mail from others who search, as he sort of lost hope of ever finding his family members.

Hello my name is Alexandra Callahan my e-mail address is I am seeking two people. My brother Scotty Gordon Shelton born 11-12-69 in Berkeley CA birth mothers name was Gaye Elizabeth Shelton age 16. Adoption was performed through Children's Home Society
I am searching for my mothers birth family. My mom was born 4-16-53 in Sacramento CA. Her birth name was Katherine Louise Jennings she was adopted July 1953 by Cliff and Jean Shelton. Adoption was performed by Children's Home Society.

My name is Margaret Lardner. I am searching for my daughter who was born in the Messeracordia Hospital in New York on the 1st or 2nd of August 1960. She was adopted via the  Catholic charities. I am white Irish as was her birth father, now deceased.

My name is Donita Stehl I am looking for any family member I was born on 8-17-47 in Montebello,Ca.My birth name was Mary ann Parker My adopted name Donita Patricia Talbot.I have three half brothers born in 1941-1943+1945 Mothers name is Irene Elizabeth Woodard Parker,she was born in New Mexico in 1917


Husband helping wife in search of birthparents. Both adopted parents
are dead.
       Linda Anne Fischer, born March 16, 1954 out of Los Angeles. The
adoption agency was Holy Family. Mother was 24 and the father was 21.

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