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My name is Renee
I was born 5/25/1972 in Georgia.
Mother was 15 or 16.
Her father was a construction worker and her mother was a housewife. She has an older brother and sister. She also has a cousin that worked in a nursing home in Jonesboro, Georgia.

DOB:  7-23-1966
Time of birth:  8:40 AM
Weight:  7#  3.5 oz
Length:  20 inches
Dr: Dr. John Melene (deceased)
Hospital: Marion County General Hospital (Now Wishard memorial) 
City of Birth:  Indianapolis In.
Adoption agency:  Suemma Coleman Adoption services
Most likely was at the Coleman unwed mothers home
Bmom: was 19 yrs old at time of Birth and was from the state of Florida

Placement:  Aug 19 1966  Mom and dad was told this was done as a precaution to assure that they were given a healthy baby, but I would sooner believe that the mother was having 2nd thoughts about relinquishing and was holding out on signing the papers.

 Birthmark:  Left shoulder and has flat feet

Possible name at birth:  JOHN WORTH mom and dad told us that Coleman gave them that name and said the bmom had named him that, however we are unclear if the worth was a middle name or a last name or a false name all together.

Email:  also if there are any other Bmoms who was at Coleman home in Indianapolis during the period of spring to late summer 1966 who may have talked to a mother from Florida who would have been around the age of 19 would love to hear from any mothers that had been there during that time.

Sibling of male adoptee born 03/04/66 in St. Vincents hospital, Philadelphia, PA
to mother maiden name Lennon.

I am looking for any of my birthfamily. I was born on July 7, 1965 at the De Paul Maternity home in Cleveland, Ohio. I was born at 4:00 am and was transferred to St. Alexis hospital in Cleveland. The Catholic Social Services handled the adoption.  My birthmother was 15 yrs. old, was 5'3" and weighed 119 lbs. She had brown hair and green eyes. She was Irish/Slovak. She had 9 other siblings. Her mother died of cancer when she was 9 years old. Her father could not take care of all the children. My birthmother was placed by the juvenile court into an institution for her own well being.

My birthfather was 17 years old. He was 5'8" and weighed 190lbs. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He was Italian. they were both practicing Catholics.

I am so excited about trying to find them.  I want them to know I have wonderful adoptive parents and that I am doing great. I have one son of my own. He is going to be 18 years old this year. I also stayed at the DePaul Maternity Home when I was pregnant with my son. I didn't know that is where my birthmother was until recently.
I was faced with a similiar decision as she had except that my adoptive parents were very supportive of me and they helped me with my son.
I want to let my birth family know that I love them and would love to meet them

I am a female adoptee hoping to be reunited with any member of my birth
family.  I was born on 6/16/74 at the Toledo Hospital in Toledo Ohio.  I
was adopted through Lucas County Childrens Services and the adoption was
finalized in July 1975.  I was born by c-section and the Dr. who
delivered me was Rajni Sharma.  I have my non-id info.  If any of this
sounds familiar to you please contact me at

I am in search of my birthmother!
Date:  January 4, 1971

City:  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hospital:  Doctor's General Hospital
Physician:  JD Metcalf
Bname:  Baby Girl Arnold
Bmom's believed name: Victoria Arnold
Adoptive name:  Kari Dawn Hughes
Time of birth:  6:56 am
Weight:  8 lbs 12 oz
If you have any information, please email me at

just want to give courage to those trying to find their biological families,it can be done!i am proof.i was taken away from my birth family in 1959and adopted.and i found my real birth family in 1979,august.have any questions i would be glad to answer any emails!!!mary brixey

Born April 23, 1968, Birthname: Kelly Ann; Catholic Welfare Bureau, St. Vincents Maternity Home, Miami, Florida. Birthmother and Birthfather were both 19 at the time of my birth. Bithmother-Italian; Birthfather-American Indian. Searching for any birth relatives.


Searching for Irma(Erma) Yates who gave birth to a baby girl on July 13th, 1966 at Jerseyville, Illinois.At that time Irma gave the address of R.R.1 Edwardsville, Illinois & she was supposed to be about 33 yrs old. This was a private adoption, F. Edward Todd attornry(now deceased) of Alton, Illinois.Irma named the baby girl Karen Ranee(Renee) Yates.If anyone out there has any info  PLEASE E-mail me at  We NEED medical info!! Thanks, Wanda

My name is Linda Sue Barber.  I am looking for my birth mother.  Her name is Virginia Sue Phillips.  She is about 51 years old now.  I was born on March 25, 1978 in the Cook County Hospital, located in Chicago, ILL.  I have two brothers, Gerald 09-29-79 and James 11-08-80.  My birth father died about 6 years ago.  My grandfathers' name was Gerald Heaney and my grandmothers' name was Donna Redmond.  I also know that my birth mother had another son in 1987.  But I dont know much about him, since I have never met him.  I am really hoping to find my birth mother soon.

I am searching for my husbands birth parents He was born
10-30-1965 at 5:08 am 7lbs. 8oz at either Saint Mary of Nazareth or Saint
Joseph's hospital in Chicago - (his adoptive mother, who picked him up at
the hospital and saw his birth mother said she does not remember which
hospital or what his mothers name was!) His mother was 15 and his father
stationed at Great Lakes - We are waiting for non-ID info at this time.

Female looking for birth family
Born:  3/29/64 Easter Sunday
in Peoria, Illinois
Adoption through Bethany Home

looking for brother and sister. joseph silkman dob
2-25-57   born in danbury ct child and family services

debra silkman 12-??-1959 born in new london ct and the
state of ct took her away........

also looking for the birthmother of jon johansen born
in new london at lawerence mem. 12-9-61.......
child and family services.........  any one with info
can email me at  thank you

I am looking for Baby Girl Smith DOB 4/28/71 in South Fulton Hospital Atlanta, Ga. I was seven at the time of birth. I dont want to intrude into her life, I would like to know if she is happy and was loved. I loved her enough to give her a chance in life that I could not give her, but always love her and think of her every day. With love BMOM. Gail Smith Mitchell. and

Hello my name is Martha Bell I am looking for my brother born 3/10/56 in Los Angeles Ca. his birth name was Richard Micheal Reiter B-Mother Ethel Louise Tucker B-Father Richard Delwin Tucker he was taken away in Johnstown Pa. he was given our fathers foster mothers name that is why the last name is different he would be unaware about me because I was not born until after he was taken away we also have 2 sisters who was taken away at the same time Linda and Mary Norton both half sisters I would truly like to find them because they are a missing part of my life I have been looking for 24 yrs. now if anyone can help please do anything at all no matter how small I will welcome all. Thank You, Lost And Lonesome Sibling Martha Bell

i am searching for sister. dob:08/15/,ca.birth name:susan lynn roy.mothers maiden:duckworth.father:richard lee roy

I am a bmom iso bdaugher, named Deanna Ricigliano, born 01-10-1983, in
livingston, NJ at 4:10pm.  She was placed in carlisle, PA in Feb. 1986 and
Finalization was April of 1986.  I thought she was going into fostercare and
didnt realize i signed relinquishment papers.  Dumb, huh?  I was devesstated
to hear she was adopted in April.
Darling babygirl of mine, if u happen to be looking for me pls email me at     HUGS  XXOO

I am in search of birth mom and family.  i was born lorraine ferris 4-26-59 most likely in foundling hosipital and adopted through sheltering arms childrens services.  my mom was about 19 and of irish descent and unmarried.  my dad was either black or cuban.  i was born in nyc.  i need my medical history asap.  please email me at

Bmom iso daughter born on June 19, 1984 in Pensacola, FL. Catholic Charities handled the adoption

Searching for husbands birth family. He was born James Elliott Jenkins on 03/02/66 at The Retreat for the Sick Hospital in Richmond, VA. Father is believed to be from Luray, VA and mother from NC.

 I am an adoptee searching for any part of my biological family. I was born in Sacramento Californa to 'Pat' possibly a middle name. My fathers name is Daniel and at the time of my birth worked in New York at the GE plant. My Paternal Aunt was a school teacher in New York and her name was Irene (I believe) My paternal grandmother was a nurse and paternal grandfather was a liquor wholesalesman. My Maternal parents were killed in a car crash when my biological mother was only 4. She was raised by god[arents in New York, Godmothers name was Georgia I believe and there were 10 god siblings. My birth name was Michelle Denyell and I was in foster care as an infant and given the name Polly Coldwell. Want to know family history and anything anyone can tell me about my biological parents. Would love to hear from them also. Send e-mails to
Don't have hate in your heart


Birth Mother searching for son born 5-1-1981 at Martin Place East Hospital, in Madison Heights, Michigan. Any help finding my son would be appreciated

08/09/1966 Tampa Florida Female
Searching for sister given up for adoption. Please email with any info. Thank you.



Looking for my birth daughter which is living in Indiana.  Born 12-10-83 in Valparaiso,  Indiana.
Currently she is working with children through an evangelism and has her own apartment.
In 1995-96 she came 1st place in violin and 3rd in piano for an in school state cometition.
She is also starting college this year.

my birth mom's name was martha hughes
i am luanne malouf
520 englishvillage drive
rochester new york 14616
my d.o.b. is 11/11/1967

Birth sister in search of Adoptee Birth Brother.
Adoptee - Michael Anthony, born 07/22/63 in Hialeah/Miami, FL. at Hialeah Hospital. Attending doctor, Goodman. Birth mother's name at time of birth Joyce Burgett. Birth father's name Ralph Burgett. Adoption was handled by attorney Helen Tanos-Hope. Michael Anthony was adopted by a Jewish couple in NY. The Adoptive parents said they would keep his name. Birth mother's description at time of birth - 5'0", 119-123lbs., Blond hair, Blue eyes.

Our mother is praying that we find you. We do not want to intrude or disrupt your life. We only want to share our love with you if that is what you want as well. If it is not we will understand and respect your wishes and be content just to know that you are OK. Please, if you read this and it sounds at all familiar to you PLEASE email me at
We love you big brother!!!!!!

Birth sister in search of Adoptee Birth Brother.
Adoptee - Male, born 09/13/64 or 65 in Hialeah/Miami, FL. at Hialeah Hospital. Attending doctor, Goodman. Birth mother's name at time of birth Joyce Burgett. Birth father's name Danny Wethorford (not sure of spelling). Adoption was handled by attorney Helen Tanos-Hope.

Birth mother's description at time of birth -- 5'0", 119-123lbs., Blond hair, Blue eyes.

Our mother is praying that we find you. We do not want to intrude or disrupt your life in any way. We only want to share our love with you if that is what you want as well. If it is not we will understand and respect your wishes and be content just to know that you are OK. Please, if you read this and it sounds at all familiar to you PLEASE email me at
We love you big brother!!!!!!

Looking for any family members
Baby Girl born June 3 1977,
in Henderson, NV @ St. Rose DeLima Hospital
B-mothers name Bonnie??
B-Fathers name Ron??
I am living in Boulder City

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on 05-14-62 of so my birth certificate says.
I was born in the Holy Cross Hospital
I was adopted through the Children's Aid Society in Ogdon
any information is greatly appreciated

I am searching for my younger sister who was placed for adoption in Winnipeg,Manitoba.All that I know is she was born at misicordia Hospital Born June 16,1979
her name at birth was christine allison .Birth parents where married at the time of birth.  Birthmother year of birth 1955 also in winnipeg.  Sadly missed by all family members.

My name is Debbie Zelenak. I was born March 8, 1958 to Irene Eye in Harrisonburg Virginia at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. I would really like to meet her. Please contact me at

Alice Faye Bozeman. Born Aug. 1st. 1946 in Wilmington , NC. At James Walker
Memorial. Delivered by Dr. Dosher. Atty. Hardee Ferguson, Dept of Human

 I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
in October of 1962 and, at 11months, adopted through Catholic Charities by my parents who lived in Toledo, Ohio.

My name is Emily Bekkering I was born 4/7/1976.I was born in Hastings Michigan at Pennock Hospital. I was born at 10:34 am weighed 6 pounds 10 1/2 ounces and measured 20 inches in length.My mther was born in 1953. At the time of my  birth she was 5'6"tall, generally weighed 140 pounds and had brown hair and light brown hair. Her national background was french, german, and english. At the time of my birth, my mother was a waitress and hoped to become the manager of the restuarant where she worked. She enjoyed piano and oragn music and, in fact, she had played professionally in the past.She also enjoyed playing softball.At the time of my birth my mother's father was 55 years old and had been enployed in a factory for many years. My mothers mother was 46 years old and drove a school bus part time.They were very supportive of the addoption.My mother was able to conceal her pregnancy from everyone untill she actually went to the hospital to give birth.My mother also had 2 bothers.One was 19 years old and was studying auto mechanicsin collage. The other brother was 15 years old and was then in high school.Maternal family members were described as having light hair and as being fairly short.My mothers contact with my father was minimal. It is known that he was abour 25 years of age when I was born. He stood 5'11" tall, weighed about 160, and had dark eyes and blond hair. He was a mechanic at that time . He was not told about me.