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Natalie Anne R. 
 Born: Toronto General Hospital 
 On January 19,1971
  I was born in Toronto and kept by my birthmother for 3 mths, I was given
 up  for adoption through the Catholic Children's Aid Society and she kept
 my 2  sisters who were born in 1968 & 69. I think that she went back to eastern Canada after my adoption.

I am an adoptee born on March 16, 1969 at the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia,
California.  Birth mother was of German and English descent.  Birth father
was of 1/2 Indian, 1/4 Spanish, and 1/4 Mexican descent.  I would really
like to know what tribe he descended from.  I was adopted and raised in a
Hispanic family in the city of Buena Park, California (adopted mother is now
deceased).  I have one adopted sister (no blood relation) and she has found
her birth family on her birth mothers side only after her birth mother
passed away in 1999. By my appearance I look German and English (raised
Hispanic).  This confuses many people when I start to speak Spanish.  I am
now married and have three daughters of my own aged 6, 3 and newborn.  I
would really like to know more about where I come from so that I can pass my
ancestry and medical history along to my daughters.

 My adopted name is Jane McMahan and I am looking for my birth mom. I
 was born in South Chicago Community Hospital in Chicago Ill. It was a private adoption. My birth mother's last name is Lourgos I think that her first name is Teena. The lawyer's name is Theodore Puchowski. The judge's name was John G. Baran and the adoption took place in Indiana in Lake County. Any help would be great. I just want to meet you. Please.

I am an adoptee born 8-19-83. I am searching for any birth family that
 is out there. I was born at Baylor Medical Center and adopted through
 Hope Cottage on 1-23-84. Born in Dallas and moved to Arizona at age 15.

 I have registered everywhere. Please help

My name is Jana..I am looking for my fiancee's birthparents....His name was 
 Baby Boy Daniel and is now Marcus Daniel.....The birth records show he was 
 born on 12/11/76 and adopted 1/14/77....Both of his parents were 15 at the 
 time...He was born in Jacksonville, FL and adopted through the Children's 
 Home Society of Florida...if anyone has any information please contact 
I am a white female born on 9/2/63.  I am looking for my biological parents. Please help me!  My email  address is

Female adoptee iso any birth family born 7/25/72 in Cleveland, OH.
 Melanie Grace Emanuel
 Account Executive
 JM Communications
 direct line 303 796 0473
 fax 303 796 7579
 7500 E. Arapahoe Road  Suite 105
 Englewood, CO 80112
 Birthname-Terry Lynn B
 July 31, 1972
 Hamilton Ontario Canada
 Henderson Hospital]
 ISO bmom and family
male,born 8-7-58 in fort worth and was adopted out of the gladney home by a family whose last name is nelson
iso male born 9/30/63 NJ
 iso famiy for female born 5/2/45
Hello, my name is Danelle Gamez,I'm searching for my half brother whom was  concieved in my during an exramarital affair by my father.Subsequently, he  was put up for adption. His name is Jared Mulik,he was born 11-09-80 in Santa  Clara,CA. At birth his last name was Lind, his mother's name is Dawn Marie. I desperately want to welcome him into my family. Please contact me via e-mai if anyone has any info. Thank you.