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Daughter of Adoptee looking for any information regarding birth mother, birth father, family or possible siblings. Her adopted name was Bernice Smith. She was their first child. The bfathers name was listed as
 Arthur Smith and he was born in Minneapolis, MN. He was 25 years of age when my mother was born. The bmother is listed as June Smith, but Smith is probably not her maiden name, but possibly married name.
 She was born in Elkville, Illinois and was 18 years of age at the time of my mothers birth. Dr. Philip J Stein was the Dr. who signed the birth certificate and also of note that my mother was a preemie. They lived on
 159 N. Central Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Born at Cook County Memorial Hospital, Chicago Illinois.
 Adopted name Marian Kalin Any information would be helpful.

DOB: 8-6-1970 Detroit, Michigan
 Wayne County Catholic Social Services
 LIZA - name given at birth
 BM, 19, unmarried worked in steel mill, had 2 younger brothers, parents
 from San Antonio, TX, Mexican ethnicity BF,20,married to someone else, came from large family, younger brother named Jerry

My name is Deborah Pique Wise Schafer (adopted/married name) I was born 8/2/59 in Tampa, Florida at St. Joseph Hospital.  My birth mom was 39 yrs. old & my birth father was 59. They were not married to each other. I had two half sisters 8 & 9 at the time. She was afraid she would die during childbirth so she arranged to have her two daughters placed in a masonic home if she died. But she did not. She placed me up for adoption with The Children's Home in Tampa, FL. I am searching for my birthmom & my two
 sisters.  Have been looking for a very long time.  They may not know that I am alive. She may have told them I died.  

I am helping a friend search for his birth sister. She was born 7/31/1965 in Iowa City Iowa, at the University of
 Iowa Hospital. The birth mothers name is Judy Ann Fish

My name is Tami Sue (Poisel) Weldy .  I am searching for my birthmother.  I was born in Sutton, WV, I was adopted by Fred James Poisel and Elaine Marie (Slusher) Poisel.  My bmother's name is Lois Stewart. The
 adoption was handled by an attorney.  At the time of my birth my bmother had other siblings.  My adopted parents were introduced to my bmother by a Thuel(spelling) Cotterll.  I would like to know bmothers medical

 MN: Cynthia S. Fiel
 AN:  Cynthia Marie Smith
 BN:  Laura Renee Van Horn
 DOB: 03/25/1960
 POB: Evangeline Booth Home for Unwed Mothers/ Salvtion Army Hospital
 Richmond, Virginia
 My b-mom was 19, first year nursing student from an unknown area to Richmond to deliver me. She has thre sisters 16,15,11 and a brother 8 at the time of  my birth.  Additional thumbs in several generations.  My b-dad was 29 and a  stone mason, four sisters and a brother name unknown.  My b-mom's last name  was Van Horn

ISO-birth family member(s).  Born 3-4-53 in Norman, OK.  Placed with state of OK for adoption.  No Dr. listed on b.
 certificate-stated midwife.  Parent(s) possibly student(s) at OU.

ISO BirthFamily. I was born 2/14/82. In Hampton,VA. At hampton General
 Hospital. At 10:18 AM. The agency used was Catholic Home Bureau name
 now  changes to Catholic Charities of Hampton Rds. Mother was 16 Father was 17.  Any info would be great.

In search of Baby Boy Lavielle born 5/26/1969 at St. Mary's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. I was 16
 years old.