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I am an adoptee born 08/05/56 in Bath ME searching for a birth sibling or sibling's born between 1947-1954 in Mass. possibly near Boston. Birth mothers last name is Curtis but bf's name is unknown. Birthmother has at least 7 or more children, at least 2 given up at birth. Adoptee may have been privately adopted as I was. If female, adoptee may be very short . please e-mail me if you think any of this sound's like you as I really am hoping to find you ,so we can get to know each other. You can e-mail me at either: or at:

My name is Lucy Kapetanich. I was born baby girl richey 09/21/1965 at Sutter Memorial hospital in Sacramento birth mothers name was Bonnie Richey, her current name is now Bonnie Sirsi..I found her years ago and unfortunately our meeting each other went south. During that meeting she agreed to contact my birth father to let him know I had found her, than he could contact me if he wanted to..I accepted that. For some unknown reason she turned on me immediately and said she would not contact him and that I was not going to get any information about him or know who he is? That was that..We spoke very briefly on the phone a few days later, she said for me to have a nice life and I never spoke to her again..That was about 17yrs ago, and I have been searching for my birth father since. Searching for someone I have no name for, has been exhausting. I have a 11yr old daughter who always asks me what our nationality is. So I ask does someone out there know who I am, so I can tell my daughter what her heritage is and then she will tell her children one day theirs as well.

I'm a female adoptee looking for birth family. I was born at the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 01/14/70. I was adopted at birth. My birth name was possibly Michelle or something similar. I was born with one blue eye and one brown eye. I have a daughter with a hereditary hearing problem and would like more information if possible. Please add me to your registry and anyone with info, please contact me at

I am a mother of a daughter whos father was adopted, we are trying to locate any of her fathers family. Her father was adopted out of catholic charities, cincinnati ohio, not sure of finalized date, but his birth certificate says he was born September 3, 1967, Good Samaritans Hospital I believe it was, biological mother was possibly at a home for unwed mothers. The adopted son was born with red hair, blue eyes, and a small birthmark behind his knee. We do not know of any non identifying information, father unable to locate any. Please if this sounds familiar, contact would love to be made.

My name is Ferdinand Anthony Dolfi, Jr and I am searching for any information on my birth family. I was born in March 1962, while I celebrate my birthday on the 17th, my real birthdate may have been changed by my adoptive parents, Ferdinand Anthony Dolfi, Sr and Irene Alexander Dolfi. I was born in Allegheny Co. Pittsburgh, PA and was adopted through Catholic Charities, either the Pittsburgh or Greensburg Diocese. My adoption was probably finalized in Fayette Co., Uniontown Pa, but could have been Allegheny Co. Pitts. PA or even Greene Co., Waynesburg PA. I have been told that I am of Slovakian/Italian descent. I have brown hair/brown eyes and stand 5'7" tall. If you have any information concerning my birth, please contact me at Thank You Ferdinand

Dob: July 9, 1962 Place of Birth: Hot Springs Arkansas, Unwed Mothers Home Sex: Female Birth Name: Elizabeth Ailene Walters B-mother's age at time of birth: 12 years old B-father's age at time of birth: approx 16 years old Elizabeth was born with red hair like her b-fathers. She was delivered in the Unwed Mothers Home. The "Doctor" came to the home to check on the girls and deliver the babies right there! All Gwenda can remember of the home is that it was in the middle of town and they had to do all the work in the home and take care of the vegetable garden. The main item on the menu was rutabegas (sp). Gwenda hates them to this day! The a-parents were said to live in Jonesboro which is where Gwenda was from. The a-father may have had the name "Brice" and was a doctor. The a-parents picked up the baby from the home. Please E-mail me at if you have any information. We have been looking for a very long time!

I am searching for my birth mother who was around the age of 16 when she had me. My name is Christina Both (maiden name Cabel), I was born on June 17th, 1973 - Father's Day, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Hospital I was born in is the Salvation Army Grace Hospital. It was a private adoption through lawyers. My papers say "baby girl Macdonald". I don't want to intrude on anyone's life, I just want to know


Looking for my birth mother.
 I was born baby girl Gruessing aslo listed as baby girl Aiello. On October
 14, 1968 in Los Angeles , California at John Wesley County hospital My
 mothers maiden name was Sporbert. I would love to meet my birth family.
 I  have prayed for 33 years that we would be reunited one day.
 Janet Griffin


Male adoptee 4/25/52 born at St. Anthony's hospital? in St. Petersburg, Fla ISO birth family. Bmom's was
 of Irish heritage and her maiden name might of been DEARMON ? Bfather was a married teacher. Email
 Michael Simpson

Male adoptee 2/25/69 Manhattan NYC, NY ISO bfamily. I was born in the evening at New York Hospital.
 Bmom was young, unmarried and of Irish heritage. I was adopted at about 6 months old in Westchester
 County, NY to a couple from Yonkers. They named me Glenn.They already had one adopted  son a few
 years before me.

Birth uncle ISO birth nephew born 12/3/68 in the Bronx, NY. My sister Marie Gregar named her son after me
 Stephen Gregar. She was young and not married at the time of birth. Birth father was away in Vietnam War.
 Email K Meade

I am a birthmom and have been searching for my son since the Toronto Children's Aid took him away from me and my Ex Husband Nelson Truckle in 1987...Ive put my name in registries almost everywhere and Im waiting for the Non Identifying info...My name is Cindy Darlene Wells(Truckle) I am 39 was born On July 21,1965...John Cory Truckle is my birth son that Im searching for and he was born Oct 21, 1985...he was born in the Toronto East General and was 17 months old when taken away. Living now in Lindsay Ontario, and would like full contact with my son and always have wanted him, but Lost the fight to keep him after my worker dan Freedman Lied and tried talking me into giving him a Better home as he put it because I was pregnant with another baby...

 Birth father's last name: Gomez. Female child born in San Juan,TX  6/29/48. Delivered by own grandmother
 (Gomez) and given to natural father's sister(Garcia).
 Mr&Mrs Garcia registered baby girl as their own in Hidalgo County,TX .

I am searching on behalf of my aunt.

 Femaile -Shelly Diane McKay
 Born in Regina Saskatchewan at Hopehaven home
 DOB:  March 5, 1956

 Family really wants to meet her.

I am in search of my birthmother.  I was born in Houston , Texas on 
October 1,  1970 or so I have been told.  I was born at St. Josephs Hospital.  The agency I was adopted from was Catholic Charities and the attorneys name was Phyllis Bell.  My birthmother was 15 or 16 at the time of my birth and the birth father was 18 or 19.  Birthmother had dark brown hair and brown eyes and wsa 5'5"tall.  Birthfather had light brown hair and hazel eyes. He was unaware of her pregnancy with me. My birthmother was going to keep me but her stepfather and mother were getting a divorce and they were financially unable to raise me.  I would love to contact her and say thank you for the life she so unselfishly gave me.

 ISO birth parent(s) Female born 8/13/1965 in Framingham, MA with the
 birth name of Barbara Ann. Adoption finalized at Norfolk County Probate Court on approx. 10/26/1965.  Birth mother was approx 4'11" with brown hair and brown eyes and weighed approx. 98 lbs and has male relative that is blind due to accident.  Birth father is approx 5'10" with blonde hair and hazel eyes.  No other non ID information available.  Adoption was placed through Catholic Charities in Boston.

 Male adoptee, bname Parish,  born 1/21/68, St. Anthony's Hospital, Oklahoma City, seeking bmom.

Melanie Beth Shapiro
 Adoptee ISO any birthfamily
 Private adoption
 Interboro General Hospital
 Brooklyn, NY
 Sidney Malet, MD Delivering

 DOB: April 21, 1971
 POB: Northside now Rochester General
 AA: Northhaven now Hillside Children's Center
 TOB: Between 11:30pm and 11:55pm
 BN: David Martin Hogan (madien name Hogan MDOB: 3-4-50 )
 BF: James Clifton Ward (DOB: 6-14 0r 15-1938?)
 Possible AN Todd J. Stevens. There is a genetic defect he needs to be aware of and be tested.  I would
 also love to meet him and give him a hug.

 Geraldine Hogan Keeney

DOB 12/02/1964
 Born at Northside Hospital (now Rochester General)
 Rochester, New York
 Adopted in 1967ish
 Mother had german measles during early pregnancy

 Name now: Tammy

I am desperately searching for my birth daughter.  DOB:  9/30/1964. 
 Born  at Charlotte Memorial Hospital, Charlotte, NC.  I was in the Florence
 Crittendon Home in Charlotte.  I am white, brown hair/eyes.  Adoption
 was through Children's Home Society of Greensboro, NC.  I lived in 
 Burlington.  My daughter was born at 4:30 PM.  Have some medical issues
 that are important to relay to my daughter.  Would love to get to know

My name is Lisa but from what I was told my birth given name was Linda. I was born at 10:12a.m. at the St
 Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan, WI. My Mother was 17 and she wanted to finish school. The weirdest thing
 is I grew up only 30 miles Sheboygan. I am searching for ANY birth family member. Please contact me at

My information: 
 Lauren LaPadula and 
 ISO BM or BF 
 DOB 11-21-1980 
 Roosevelt Hospital, Manhattan, NY 
 Agency:  Louise Wise Agency 
 BName: Chastity 
 BM was approx. 20-25 yrs old, white, already had a son 
 BF was 30-35 years old, Puerto Rican, not known if any other children, was a veteran

 Name: Aaron

 DOB: 09/21/80
 Location: St Josephs Hospital,   Denver, CO

 Mother: Born 1965-1966
 Occ: Nurse

 Father: Born 1954-1956
 Occ: Plumber

BROOKLYN, New York. 01-20-68 Female seeking birth mother & birth family members.  {Birth mother may have been born between 1949-1951 and is Italian} My adoption was  finalized in the family court of Westchester/White Plains, NY

I am a male adoptee DOB 1/17/63. Born at Cabrillo Memorial hospital Los Angeles, California. Seeking any birth family.
 Possible BM name is Thien DOB 12/3/43  Possible BF name Daniel Garren DOB 11/17/43. Adopted very shortly after
 birth thru LA County.