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Hello and welcome to my adoption search home page. My name is Peggy and here is my story.

I am a birth sister in search of my half-sister (same mother). Her birthname was Christine Marie Flinn. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 23, 1965 and subsequently placed for adoption at The Home of The Guardian Angel also in Halifax.

At some point in December 1965 she was placed with her adoptive family through Catholic Charities in Dayton, Ohio.

That is all I have been able to find out so far.

I have been concentrating my search there. I am hoping I can find her.

Well that's my story.

Update: September 29/98

I Found My Sister Today!!!!!!!!!!

Update!!!On October 22, 1998 I was fortunate enough to meet my new found sister. I will be putting my reunion story on a separate page. If you would like to read about it, please go to the link on the following page.

Update!!!On July 27,2000 my mother and I flew to Ohio so she could meet Judy for the first time. It could not have gone better!!

UPDATE!This May 2003 I took my two youngest children to Ohio for 2 weeks, what a blast! The kids had so much fun with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins!!! I hope to go again soon!

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